Junior Master Class


Junior Master Class will be taught by two of Australia's strongest chess players.


Grand Master Moulthun Ly

International Master Brodie McClymont


* This Holiday Camp is limited to 30 students per day. (Students can go on a waiting list for the next event, if maximum capacity is reached)

*Ages 8-13

* players must be rated between 750-1200 QJ or ACF (if you believe your child should qualify, please email me for consideration)




Chess training/coaching: openings, endgames, analysis of famous games, checkmates and

tactic puzzles.


Each day there will be a maximum of 3 QLD Junior Rated Tournament games, players will record their moves to be analysed at a later time.


Canteen will be available;

students should bring their water bottle & sun protection. (Free time)


This event is ideal for students who wish to compete at a high level.


This Master Class includes:


*Personal game analysis.

*Rated games.

*Highly professional coaching.

*Take home chess material.

*All students who participate will receive on going chess coaching support from International Master Brodie McClymont via chess.com